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3 Book Gold - $570 for Maximum, Repeated Reach over 1 Month

3 Book Gold is the absolute best book promotion to reach the maximum number of our readers, repeatedly, and build up your brand and find readers for life.

What exactly is 3 Book Gold?

1) 3 Book Gold is an Author Spotlight and Author Book Promotion slot that lets an author introduce themselves to our readers. It also lets authors share up to 3 of their books with our readers.

2) 3 Book Gold reaches 1 Million+ Readers, 167,000+ Email Subscribers, and 338,890 Readers on Twitter

3) 3 Book Gold reaches the maximum number of our readers, and you reach many of them repeatedly over the course of a month

4) As of Nov 26th, 2016 we only take 2 3 Book Gold slots per genre per month, and only 36 a month total. If we can't run your book we'll let you know why

5) This is a REACH slot focused at maximum reach. There are absolutely no guarantees. 95% of our free book promotion slots hit the target or exceed it. 92% of our $1 book promotion slots hit the target or exceed it. However, for a month long slot that takes a huge amount of work to run, reaches so many readers, and allows for up to 3 books at any price, there's no way we are going to guarantee anything. It's up to the quality of your books and how well they fit with our readers.

Next, let's look at the 7 Great Benefits of 3 Book Gold i.e. what 3 Book Gold will do for you as an Author

Benefit #1 - REACH! Reach an immense number of readers

3 Book Gold is the absolute best way to reach a lot of readers, repeatedly. 3 Book Gold reaches 1 Million+ Readers. You reach these readers, and you reach many of them multiple times

What's even better than reaching 1 Million+ readers with your book? Reaching them with 3 of your books

You can promote up to 3 of your books. It's best to include one discounted book. If you have a permafree we will include that as an additional 4th book for no extra charge. Very Important: Stores hide results for permafree books. To see ACTUAL results for permafree books share the files with us and we'll create bitly links that will show you how many people actually download your books

Buy 3 Book Gold and Reach a HUGE Number of Readers

Benefit #2 - READERS! Reach Readers almost Everywhere they go to find books

We have been curating books since Jan 2008. We have built up channels that cover almost every conceivable avenue for finding readers. With 3 Book Gold you reach readers almost everywhere they find books

1) Reach readers who prefer websites and blogs. We have 120+ websites and blogs

2) Reach store specific blogs. We are the only book promotion site that has separate dedicated blogs and email lists for Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo stores

3) Reach genre specific blogs and email lists. We have blogs and email lists for 23 main genres and 40 additional sub genres

4) Reach readers on Twitter. 3 Book Gold reaches 338,890 Readers on Twitter

5) Reach Kindle Unlimited subscribers. We have 50,000+ Kindle Unlimited subscribers

6) Reach readers using mobile phones and tablets. 90% of our blogs and sites are optimized for mobile phones and tablets. Reach readers who check our mobile sites from their Apple and Android phones and tablets

7) Reach readers in 100+ countries. Please Note: 70%+ of our readers are in the US. Next biggest readerships are: UK, Canada, India, Australia

We have set up channels for nearly every set of readers. You get to reach readers on all these channels

Buy 3 Book Gold and Reach Readers Everywhere

Benefit #3 - Introduce Yourself to Readers who Give Indie Authors & New Authors a Chance

Since Jan 2008 we have focused on readers who are willing to give new authors in general, and indie authors in particular, a chance.

With 3 Book Gold you get a chance to introduce yourself to them, and give them a taste of your books (it helps to have at least one discounted book).

Every 3 Book Gold slot includes

a) A dedicated author introduction blog post on the relevant genre blog. We can interview you, add links to your author page and twitter and facebook accounts, include photographs, book trailers and excerpts (of up to 3 books).

b) Tweets that include your Twitter Account and Book Links. Please Note: Links to your twitter account will only be included in twitter accounts relevant to your book's genre

c) Promotion of up to 3 of your books to our readers over a month. Readers get to see more of what you have to offer

Introduce Yourself ... to Hundreds of Thousands of Readers ... and Create Your Brand

Buy 3 Book Gold and Create Your Brand

Benefit #4 - Reviews

Some of the readers who buy your books will leave reviews.

Please Note: Reviews vary a lot by book and genre. Our readers tend to only review books they like.

Special Bonus: If you are willing to share your book files with us, we will send out a dedicated post on ReviewSt (for the list and blog for your genre) asking for honest reviews for your book in return for a free copy of your book

Please Note: This special bonus is for only one book. It's a Review Diamond slot for one book.

ReviewSt is our sister company which focuses on helping authors get reviews in return for a free copy of their book. You get the equivalent of a Review Diamond slot (if you want it). ReviewSt - www.reviewst.com/getreviews/

Buy 3 Book Gold and Promote 3 of Your Books to 1 Million+

Benefit #5 - Unprecedented Visibility

With 3 Book Gold you get Unprecedented Visibility over the course of a month

a) Your Book Covers on our genre blogs - all month. One of your book covers will also be shown on the main blog posts and on country blog posts

b) Tweets across our various Twitter accounts which reach 338,890+ readers

c) Up to 3 of your books promoted to 1 Million+ Readers

Please Note: Promotion is on different channels every day. We are not promising 'every channel every day'. We will promote it across all our channels over a month - different channels on different days
Please Note: Your 3 books will be promoted together, not separately - 90%+ of the time promoting them together as an Author Special gets better results

Buy 3 Book Gold and get Unprecedented Visibility]

Benefit #6 - Rankings & Author Ranks

One of the biggest benefits of promoting 3 books across the course of a month is that it helps your rankings and your author rank

Very Important: You will only get the full benefit of increase in rankings and author rank if one or more of your books are discounted. As a new author you need to have one book discounted (or one book permanent free) to allow readers a chance to test the waters.

Buy 3 Book Gold and Reach Hundreds of Thousands of Readers

Benefit #7 - Word of Mouth

One of the biggest benefits of reaching 1 Million+ readers is that these readers will talk about your book if they like it. This is even more significant when you look at our 338,890+ Twitter readers

Again, it really helps to have at least one of your books discounted or free to make it easy for readers to take a chance on it

Buy 3 Book Gold and Promote 3 of Your Books to 300,000+

Biggest Thing to Know about 3 Book Gold

3 Book Gold lets you promote your books and introduce yourself to hundreds of thousands of readers. Across the course of a month you will reach more than 300,000 readers and will reach many of them multiple times.

That sort of reach is only possible in a handful of promotion channels. The biggest difference with us is that EVERYONE on our sites and email lists are readers who signed up looking to find books.

We've found that fundamentally, readers are looking for authors. That the biggest rewards (both financial and non-financial) are achieved by connecting readers with authors and cutting out all the middlemen. That's why we allow promotion of up to 3 books in 3 Book Gold (and you can throw in 1 permafree book for no extra charge). We want to help you build a readership, bypass all the middlemen, and get the lion's share of the value you should be getting from readers.

Buy 3 Book Gold Now

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