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30 Day Max Push - $770 for 300 to 600 Sales with 300 Guaranteed Sales

30 Day Max Push is a guaranteed book promotion slot for $0.99 books which reaches a huge number of readers (1.25 Million+ Readers) and guarantees 300+ sales with an expected range of 300 to 600 sales

1) 30 Day Max Push is perfect for New Releases and for any book you want to give a solid 30 day push

2) 30 Day Max Push reaches 1.25 Million+ Readers, 181,800+ Email Subscribers, and 509,800 Readers on Twitter

3) As of Nov 26th, 2016 we only take one 30 Day Max Push slot per genre per month, and only 27 a month total across all genres. If we can't run your book we'll let you know why

4) 30 Day Max Push is a guaranteed book promotion slot. It guarantees 300 sales (with expected range of 300 to 600 sales). If your book misses you get a prorated refund in store credit. For book promotion slots for $0.99 books we see 92% of promotions hit the target. Only 8% require a prorated refund

5) This is a REACH and GUARANTEED RESULTS Slot. Not only do you reach a massive number of readers, you also get a firm guarantee that you'll get 300+ sales for your $0.99 book. In the rare case your book misses there is a prorated refund in store credit (store credit never expires)

What Books Qualify for 30 Day Max Push

Important: These requirements are only for 10 Day Max Push and 30 Day Max Push. If your book doesn't qualify you can still get another slot at our $1 Book Slots page (www.booksbutterfly.com/bookpromotion/paidbookpromotion/)

1) 30 Day Max Push is best suited for books in these genres: Romance, Steamy Romance, Mysteries, Thrillers, Christian Romance, Non Fiction, Cookbooks, Biographies & Memoirs, Business, Personal Finance, Adventure, Historical Fiction, Christian Mystery, Prepper Books, Women's Fiction

2) 30 Day Max Push only works for full-length books (150+ pages) that have never been free

3) 30 Day Max Push only works for books priced at $0.99

4) Absolutely no YA books

5) 30 Day Max Push requires your book have at least 1 Review. We will run a book if it has no reviews - provided you have other books with good reviews

6) 30 Day Max Push allows Box Sets and Multi Author Box Sets. Guarantee only stands if Box Set is $0.99. Please see the Box Set Slots Page (www.booksbutterfly.com/bookpromotion/boxsetpromotion/) to see the guaranteed number of sales for Box Sets with 30 Day Max Push

Please follow these requirements. You can contact us via our Contact Us page if you have questions whether your book is a good fit for our 30 Day Max Push book promotion slot

Books you can still run but don't have any guarantee whatsoever (and no prorated refund in store credit) -

1) Books in the following genres: YA Fantasy, YA SciFi, Humor, Contemporary Fiction, Literary Fiction, Children's Books, any very niche Non Fiction genre, any books on Politics, Poetry, Coming of Age.

2) Books priced higher than $1. Please Note: Our Slots for Books over $1 are a much better fit

3) Books shorter than 150 pages in length

4) Books that have ever been free (even if for one day)

Next, let's take a look at the 10 Big Benefits of 30 Day Max Push

Benefit #1 - Guaranteed Results

We Guarantee Results (or your money back as prorated refund in store credit).

92% of $0.99 Paid Book Slots hit the target or exceed it
95% of $0.99 Box Set Slots hit the target of exceed it

Department Store owner John Wannamaker had said (in the 19th century):

I know half my advertising works, I just don't know which half.

Now, with Books Butterfly, you only pay for the half that works.

Please Note: In our strong genres, the success rate is even higher. Our strongest genres are:

Romance, Steamy Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Non Fiction, Memoirs & Biographies, Clean Romance, Cozy Mystery, Christian Romance, Christian Mystery, Historical Fiction, Adventure, Women's Fiction, Business, Finance, Prepper, Cookbooks, Classic Westerns

Buy 30 Day Max Push & Get Guaranteed Results!

Benefit #2 - Ranking Boost & Author Rank Boost

30 Day Max Push will get you sales, it'll get you KU borrows (we have 50,000+ KU subscribers), and it'll push your book up the store bestseller lists

1) An increase in sales rank leads to higher placement in the bestseller lists and more visibility. You reach more readers
2) You have a chance of becoming a genre bestseller
3) Your Author Rank also increases

This increase in ranking and increased visibility makes 30 Day Max Push great for

1) New Releases - run us anytime in the first few months after your book releases to maximize the benefits.
2) Becoming a genre bestseller
3) Getting a steady stream of sales over a month and setting yourself up for a big targeted promotion at the end of the month. Works very well if you are trying to get into the USA Today Bestsellers list or the NY Times Bestseller list. Please Note: If your book will be discounted for a shorter period of time than a month, then 10 Day Max Push is a much better slot
4) Promoting the discounted first or second book in a series to increase sales for the remaining books. Authors report they get the same amount of follow-on sales from our promotions as with other good book promotion sites
5) Any promotion where you feel 300 to 600 sales over a period of 30 days will help your book

Buy 30 Day Max Push & Boost Your Rankings & Author Rank

Benefit #3: Reach a HUGE Number of Readers

With 30 Day Max Push you reach 1.25 Million+ Readers, 181,800+ Email Subscribers, and 509,800 Readers on Twitter. These are three different sets of readers (there may be some slight overlap - however, these are completely independent sets of readers).

You would have to spend hours to find

1) Some combination of marketing channels that will give you access to 1.25 Million+ Readers on Apps and blogs and websites and from search engines

2) Another set of marketing channels or sites that have 181,800+ email subscribers

3) A Twitter promotion channel that can reach 509,800+ Twitter Readers

After that, you would have to spend a lot of time and money getting book promotions with all of them and coordinating dates

After the promotion, you would have absolutely no idea which of them worked, and to what extent.

INSTEAD - Choose the Easy & Convenient Option

Promote with us and reach an absolutely HUGE number of readers with one single book promotion which is convenient to set up and free of any hassles

Best of All - We guarantee results. You don't just save time and money and avoid a giant scheduling headache, you also get guaranteed results

Buy 30 Day Max Push - Push the Easy Button & Get Guaranteed Sales

Benefit #4 - Readers! Reach Readers Almost Everywhere They Find Books

If you're looking for readers, you've found the right place

1) We have real readers. All our readers are readers from channels we built ourselves and we know are real readers

2) We have been curating books since Jan 2008 - some of our loyal readers have been with us for 9 years

3) We've been building channels for readers since 2008. We've been finding and adding readers from every conceivable channel - websites, blogs, email lists, social media, and many more

4) We have 100+ websites and blogs which cater to different sets of readers and ensure you reach a huge number of readers overall

5) We send to 509,800 Readers on Twitter

6) We have dedicated blogs with completely unique lists for each of - Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo stores

7) We have genre and subgenre blogs for 63 different genres and subgenres

Reach all these readers with 30 Day Max Push

Buy 30 Day Max Push & Reach Readers Everywhere

Benefit #5 - Reviews

If our readers like your books, they will sometimes review it.

Please Note: Reviews vary a lot by book and genre. Our Readers tend to only review books they like

30 Day Max Push comes with a Special Bonus: If you are willing to share your book files with us, we will send out a dedicated post on ReviewSt (for your book's genre/genres) asking for honest reviews for your book in return for a free copy of your book.

Important: This slot is for one book. Only 1 of your books will be shared on ReviewSt

ReviewSt is our sister company which focuses on helping authors get reviews in return for a free copy of their book. You get the equivalent of a Review Diamond slot (if you want it). ReviewSt - www.reviewst.com/getreviews/

Buy 30 Day Max Push & Get 300+ Guaranteed Sales

Benefit #6 - Word of Mouth

Reaching 1.25 Million+ Readers, 181,800+ Email Subscribers, and 509,800 Readers on Twitter leads to a lot of word of mouth if these readers like your book.

Readers sharing our email list with their friends and Twitter readers sharing books on Twitter are among two of our growth drivers. Every time they share our list of discounted books, you reach more readers

Buy 30 Day Max Push & Reach 1.25 Million+ Readers

Benefit #7 - Reach the Best Set of Readers for Your Book

What makes 30 Day Max Push an effective book promotion for your book?

1) We have been introducing our readers to indie authors and new authors since 2008. This means they are open to taking a chance on new and indie authors

2) By having both a wide focus (lists with books from all genres) and a narrow focus (63 lists and blogs for specific genres) we reach the readers interested specifically in your book's genres, and also readers who like to peruse all genres

3) By having a combination of channels (1.25 Million+ Readers, 181,800+ email subscribers, 509,800 Readers on Twitter) we find your target readers, wherever they are

4) By having dedicated lists for Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo stores, by having 11 country specific lists and blogs, and by reaching readers in 120+ countries every single day, we reach your Best Set of Readers regardless of which ebook store they prefer, and regardless of which country they are in. Please Note: 70%+ of our readers are in the US

It's because of this confidence in our readers that we can offer guaranteed results.

Buy 30 Day Max Push & Reach the Best Readers

Benefit #8 - Ultimate Twitter Boost

30 Day Max Push comes with 2 free Twitter Diamond slots. You can use these slots during the 30 Day Max Push promotion or you can use them anytime within one year of the promotion

Twitter Diamond send to 226,300 Readers on Twitter. You get two Twitter Diamond slots when you buy 30 Day Max Push. You can see the details of a Twitter Diamond slot at our Over $1 Book Promotion Slots page (www.booksbutterfly.com/bookpromotion/paidebookpromotion/)

Buy 30 Day Max Push and get 2 Twitter Diamond Boosts

Benefit #9 - Reach All Our New Readers First

30 Day Max Push includes a special benefit - you get introduced to all our new readers FIRST. Every day we have 1,000+ new readers sign up for our email lists, sites, and Twitter accounts. With 30 Day Max Push your book is included in the welcome emails sent to new email subscribers, it is tweeted every few days so most new Twitter followers see it first, and your book is given priority placement on genre blogs and sub-genre blogs, so readers see it first.

These new readers are usually the most enthusiastic and they will see your book first

1,000+ new readers a day means that over the course of a month-long 30 Day Max Push promotion, you will have 30,000+ new readers see your book FIRST

Buy 30 Day Max Push and Reach Readers FIRST

Benefit #10 - Unprecedented Visibility

With 30 Day Max Push you get Unprecedented Visibility over the course of a month

a) You don't just reach 1.25 Million+ Readers, you reach many of them multiple times over the course of a month. For some readers it'll be love at second or third glance

b) Tweets across our various Twitter accounts - reach 509,800+ readers on Twitter

c) Your book promoted on our websites and blogs, our Twitter accounts, our email lists, and all our 200+ channels

Please Note: Promotion is on different channels every day. We are not promising 'every channel every day'. We will promote your book across all our channels over a month - different channels on different days

Buy 30 Day Max Push and get Unprecedented Visibility

The Biggest Benefit of 30 Day Max Push

30 Day Max Push provides a unique double benefit which no other book marketing channel can provide

1) Super Wide reach to 1.25 Million+ Readers, 181,800+ email subscribers, and 509,800 Readers on Twitter with one convenient to set up book promotion


2) Guaranteed Results of 300+ sales (expected range of 300 to 600 sales) with a prorated refund in store credit if your book misses the target. Please Note: 92% of promotions for $0.99 books hit the target or exceed it

With 30 Day Max Push you can give your book a big boost, reach a huge set of readers, get unprecedented visibility and reach, and best of all - you get 300+ guaranteed sales

Buy 30 Day Max Push Now

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