The Books Butterfly Value Proposition

Reach 4 Million+ Readers and 614,000+ Daily Active Readers while paying only for Actual Sales and Actual Downloads

You Get: Your Book and You Introduced to Our 4 Million+ Readers and our 614,000+ Daily Active Readers. Readers who trust us and trust our recommendations, because we've been curating books since Jan 2008

You Pay For: Paid Book Sales for $0.99 Books. Free Book Downloads for Free Books.
So You Pay only for ACTUAL RESULTS!

You Also Get:

1) KU Borrows (often equal or more than paid sales). If your book is a free first in series, our large KU readership increases your chances of getting follow-on KU Borrows.
2) 'Tail' of sales for a few days after promotion has ended.
3) (Sometimes) Genre Bestseller Status.
4) These readers (4 Million+ Total and 614,000+ Daily Active Readers) becoming aware of you, and thus becoming more likely to get your books the next time you can get your books in front of them.
6) True International Reach - 120+ Countries
7) True Multi-Store Reach - Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo, Kindle UK

Promote to 4 Million+ Readers

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