Guaranteed Results and Prorated Refund

All Books Butterfly promotions for $0.99 Books and Free Books come with a Guarantee. If we don't get you the specified downloads/sales you get a prorated refund in store credit. The store credit never expires and you can use it with any book

Please see the Refund Policy if you would like more details on what cases are eligible for a refund, and how the refund works

Promotions for books over $1 do not have a guarantee.

Promotion packages on the 'Over $1 Book Ads' page (All Month Push, 7 Day Push, Release Gold, 3 Month Push) do not have a guarantee, regardless of the price of your book during the promotion.

The 3 important things to keep in mind are

a) 92% of book promotions hit the target or exceed it. That means only 8% of book promotions require a prorated refund. You will most likely not require a refund.

b) It is a prorated refund. Let's say you buy a Pure Gold slot for $100 which guarantees 1,200+ free book downloads. The promotion gets you 900 downloads instead of 1,200 (75% of the target figure). You will get store credit for 25% of the money you paid ($100). That's $25 of store credit

c) When you buy a slot we will send you a Terms of Service email with dates your promotion will be run, the number of guaranteed sales/downloads, and other details. Please refer to that email in the rare case your book misses the target

What does it mean if Your Book misses the guaranteed figure?

For the 8% of books that miss the guaranteed figure, usually one or more of the following things apply

a) The book did not connect with our readers. Though the book goes out to a very large number of readers, sometimes the book does not connect

b) Algorithms in the store went haywire in 2016 and are even worse since 2017. Many Authors agree that algorithms are behaving in erratic ways. Again, 92% of the time when you promote with Books Butterfly, the algorithms can't stop your book from hitting the target. However, 8% of the time the algorithms and/or one of the other factors cause a miss

c) Your book is in the wrong genre. We very strongly recommend not putting your book into genres that do not apply to it. Readers look at the genres to make sure they won't waste 4 to 6 hours of their life on a book in the wrong genre. By adding irrelevant genres to your book you are scaring away exactly the readers you wrote your book for

d) Your cover does not convey the quality of your writing or there are lots of typographical errors and mistakes in your book description and book sample. Readers have been burned in the past by authors who did not edit their book. Carelessness in the cover and in the editing suggests to readers that there might be carelessness in the story. You might not have gotten a good cover because you undervalue the importance of it, or you might not have edited your book as you think it's unnecessary. However, these things matter a lot to readers

e) You have already promoted the book for many years and the market is tapped out.

If your book misses it's an opportunity for you to use the store credit and try with another book, or to improve the book and try after a month or two using the store credit.

Promote with Books Butterfly with the Reassurance of Guaranteed Results

Please see the Top Reasons to Promote with Books Butterfly Page for a detailed list of benefits

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