Understanding Books Butterfly's 1.22 Million Monthly Active Readers

Books Butterfly has 4 Million+ total readers. However, the question that is relevant to authors is - How many of these will actually see an author's book when it is promoted?

To understand that let's look at three figures

1) Total Readers - This is the total number of Books Butterfly Readers. This is 4 Million+ Readers

2) Monthly Active Readers - This is the number of readers that check Books Butterfly apps and sites and blogs every single month. This is roughly 1.22 Million Monthly Active Readers. We're approximating it at 30% of Total Readers. It might be anywhere between 25% and 35%

3) Daily Active Readers - This is the number of readers that check Books Butterfly Apps and sites and blogs every single day. This is roughly 614,000 Daily Active Readers. We are approximating it at 15% of Total Readers. The actual possible range is 10% to 20%

Now let's consider what happens when you promote your book. Let's say you get a 2 day book promotion slot. Readers that will see your book will include

a) Some of our Daily Active Readers, as they check our apps and blogs and sites every single day. That's some portion of 614,000 Daily Active Readers

b) Some small portion of Monthly Active Readers. Let's say roughly 70,000 Monthly Active Readers

c) Some small number of readers who only visit on that particular day or only visit a few times a year. Let's say roughly 20,000 readers

d) Some number of readers via word of mouth. This number varies a lot and can be anywhere between 50,000 and 200,000

So in all 670,000 Readers will see your promotion. Depending on what book promotion slot you take we do additional tweaks and maximize the number of readers who see your book

There are also longer slots like 7 Day Slots and Month long slots. These will reach a larger number of readers. A Month long promotion slot will generally reach over a million readers

This is an important distinction. While your book promotion might be going out to 4 Million+ Readers, the number of readers that actually see it will vary based on what book promotion slot you take and the number of days the book promotion will run

Promote Your Book to 1.22 Million Monthly Active Readers

Please see the Top Reasons to Promote with Books Butterfly Page for a detailed list of benefits

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4) 118,900+ Website Visitors

Promote to 4 Million Readers

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