The 5 R's - Reach, Results, Rankings, Reviews, Readers

A Book Promotion with Books Butterfly will get you 5 Main Benefits. We call these the 5 R's


Promote with Books Butterfly and you Reach an amazing number of readers - 4 Million+. This includes

1.35 Million Android App Readers
822,500+ Apple App Readers
549,768+ Windows App Readers
308,290+ Email Subscribers
121,700+ Nook App Readers

Important: These are all separate sets of readers. While there will be some slight overlap, these are different, unique sets of readers.


We Guarantee Results (or your money back as prorated refund in store credit). We are one of only two book promotion companies that guarantee results.

92% of Free Book Promotion Slots get the specified downloads or more.
95% of Box Set Promotion Slots get the specified sales or more.
92% of $0.99 Paid Book Promotion Slots get the specified sales or more.
90% of Free in All Stores Book Promotion Slots get the specified downloads or more

In our strong genres, the success rate is higher. Our strongest genres are:

Romance, Steamy Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Non Fiction, Memoirs, Clean Romance, Cozy Mystery, Christian Romance, Christian Mystery, Historical Fiction, Adventure, Women's Fiction, Self Help, Business, Finance & Saving Money, Prepper.

Not only do you get Strong Results, you get Guaranteed Results.

Department Store owner John Wannamaker had said (in the 19th century):

I know half my advertising works, I just don't know which half.

Now, with Books Butterfly, you only pay for the half that works.


Your promotion with us will get you sales and downloads and will increase your Sales Ranking in the stores. We also have approximately 50,000 Kindle Unlimited subscribers amongst our readers. Their borrows also help improve your Sales Rankings.

1. Ranking increases lead to additional visibility and you reach new readers
2. This leads to a long tail of additional sales even after our promotion is over. These sales can last 3 to 7 days after promotion.
3. Authors sometimes become genre bestsellers.


If our readers like your book, they will sometimes review it.
Not only do you get all the benefits of reaching lots of readers, higher sales rankings, and downloads/sales, you also have a good chance of getting reviews.

Please Note: Reviews vary a lot by book and genre. Our readers tend to only review books they like.

Please Note: You are more likely to get reviews if you use Review Gold or Review Diamond slot (available at our service) as those slots include your book being sent to our Review St subscribers, who have signed up to get free books in return for reviews.


We have been curating books since Jan 2008. We have readers who have stuck with us for 9+ years.

Many sites come and go. Many sites switch focus from authors to publishers

We have stayed focused on Books Discovery - connecting the best authors to the best readers. We focus on finding the best authors and the best new books.

This means that the best readers stay with us. This means that more and more readers switch to us and stick with us.

No rational reader would choose a list culled from Big 5 Publishers' back list over a hand curated list of the best new authors. Think about it yourself - Do you want to watch Game of Thrones and Hannibal and Breaking Bad and Sherlock, or do you want to keep watching reruns of some show from the 1960s?

Our focus on connecting the best authors with the best readers (since Jan 2008) ensures you get the readers most interested in books and in finding new great authors. Which is exactly what will find you success in the long term - getting discovered by the most passionate readers.

7 Additional R's - Readers in KU, Prorated Refund in Store Credit (Guaranteed Results),
Ranks (Author Ranks), Reader Word of Mouth,
Reach 120+ Countries, Reach 4+ eBook Stores

Books Butterfly gets you the 5 things you need most - The 5 Rs of Reach, Results, Rankings, Reviews, Readers.

We also get you 7 Additional R's

  1. Readers in the Kindle Unlimited Subscription program. Very few sites can offer you what we can - approximately 50,000 KU Subscribers. These readers have the easy option of borrowing and reading all your KU books, provided they like your first book which you promote with us.
  2. Prorated Refund in Store Credit (Guaranteed Results) - 92% of Free Book Promotions, 95% of Box Set Promotions, 90% of Free in All Stores Book Promotions, and 92% of $0.99 Paid Book Promotions hit the guaranteed results target (or exceed it). In the rare case you don't hit the target, we have a prorated refund in store credit.
  3. Ranks (Author Ranks) - Not only will your book see an increase in Sales Rankings, you will also see a rise in your Author Ranks.
  4. Reader Word of Mouth - Because we have been curating since Jan 2008 we have a lot of the early adopters for the Kindle. In 2008 and 2009 we were one of the biggest Kindle Blogs with 200,000+ readers visiting every month. We captured some of those early adopters. Combine that with our current status as a Top 2 Book Promotion Site and you get an incredible amount of reader word of mouth.
  5. Readers in 120+ Countries. Every book we promote reaches readers in 120+ Countries. Here is a partial list of 'Countries We Reach'. Important: Figures on Countries page aren't updated yet. We now have 4 Million+ Total Readers with 70% of those readers (2.8 Million) in the US.
  6. Readers in 4+ Main eBook Stores and 11+ Kindle Country Stores. The 4 Million+ Readers you reach include readers in each of Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo, Kindle UK stores.
  7. Residual Sales (Sales Tail). You will see follow-on sales and downloads and KU borrows for 3 to 7 days after your promotion.