The Books Butterfly Unique Selling Proposition

As a Top 2 Paid Book Promotion Site we offer a unique selling proposition

A) We help you reach 4 Million+ Readers and 614,000+ Daily Active Readers

B) We help you reach readers in 120+ countries and 4 ebook stores (Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo)

C) We guarantee results. We are one of only two book promotion companies which guarantee results. We offer a prorated refund. You pay only for actual results. The old marketing adage goes - I know half my marketing works, just not which half. Well, now you pay only for the half that works.

92% of $0.99 Paid Book Promotions for $0.99 Books reach the guaranteed figure or higher

D) We are the 2nd biggest book promotion company in size and the #1 Biggest book promotion company in number of authors we promote and curate each day

E) We are the #1 Twitter Book Promotion Company, the #1 Android Apps Book Promotion Company, the #1 Apple Apps Book Promotion Company, and the #1 Windows Apps Book Promotion Company

F) We are a trusted promotion channel. 180+ NY Times Bestselling Authors, 140+ USA Today Bestselling Authors, Pulitzer Prize winners, National Book Award winners, RITA Winners, Golden Heart Winners, Shamus Winners, and many more established authors promote with us. 60 to 70% of them are repeat customers.

Promote to 4 Million+ Readers

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