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We have sold over $1.9 Million of Book Promotion Packages
We have worked with over 7,000 Authors and 65% become repeat customers

For the $1 Million of Book Promotion Packages sold up to June 30th, 2019 we had a low dispute rate of 0.24%.
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For the first half of 2019 we have only 3 disputes in 1,319 book promotion packages sold (0.227%).
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For the second half of 2019 we have only 2 disputes in 1,021 book promotion packages sold (0.195%).
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For 2020 we have only 4 disputes in 1,699 book promotion packages sold (0.24%). Screenshot showing our Low Dispute Rate in 2020

For 2021 we have only 5 disputes in 1,820 book promotion packages sold (0.27%). Screenshot showing our Low Dispute Rate in 2021

For the first 9 months of 2022 we have only 1 dispute in 1,280 book promotion packages sold (0.08%). Screenshot showing our Low Dispute Rate in 2022

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Top 27 Reasons You Should be Promoting Your Over $1 Book with Books Butterfly

We are one of the few remaining book promotion services that can get you sales for your paid books. Let us help you get sales and good sales ranks for your paid book promotions!

1) Immense Reach - Reach 4 Million+ Readers. Books Butterfly is a Top 2 Book Promotion Company with 4 Million+ Readers

2) We have been promoting books over $1 since Jan 2008. While many sites have focused on $0.99 deals, and have never promoted any books over $3, we have shared books at all prices. For the vast majority of our existence we have mentioned books and deals at various prices from free books to $10 books. This is true across Kindle, Nook, Apple stores.

3) We have sold over $1.9Million of Book Promotion Packages

4) #1 in Apps - Books Butterfly has the Biggest Book Promotion Apps with 3.35 Million App Downloads

5) Great Reach - Reach Readers on Apps, Email Lists, Websites, and Blogs

6) We are Author focused. We have been curating books and connecting authors with readers since 2008

7) Our readers sometimes leave reviews for books they get. This varies by author - some authors get a good number of reviews, some get a few, and some don't get reviews. We'll be quite frank - if our readers like your book, they are likely to leave reviews. If they don't - they won't. It depends entirely on whether or not they like your books, and its outside our control.

8) Reach our 4 Million+ Readers with your book promotion. Some will get your book during the promotion. The rest will become aware of you as an author and will get your book the next time they see your book. They are far more likely to buy/borrow/download your books if they already know who you are

9) Your Over $1 Book Promotion will result in a boatload of benefits - Sales, Borrows, Visibility and Reach, Tail of increased sales and/or downloads, exposure to KU readers, the chance to become a genre bestseller, users signing up for your email lists.

10) Clarity & Transparency about numbers and figures. Each paid book promotion specifies the expected range.
Please Note: There is no guarantee for promotion of books priced over $1

11) Many Kindle Unlimited Readers. Your paid book promotion will reach approximately 50,000 Kindle Unlimited Readers, who will, provided they like your book, borrow your book. If they like your writing they will go on to borrow your remaining books if they are in Kindle Unlimited.

12) You reach the Exact sets of readers your book promotion is aimed at. In addition to combined lists, we have 20 genre specific apps and blogs and lists and 47 subgenre specific blogs. This means your paid book promotion will reach the readers most likely to buy your book.

13) Reach a huge number of readers with our paid book promotion services. We have 4 Million+ Total Readers and 614,000+ Daily Active Readers

14) Follow-on Sales. Our readers go on to buy your remaining books, provided they liked your book. Please Note: Follow on sales happen over a period of weeks. Follow-on sales do not happen all in 1 or 2 days after your paid book promotion with us.

15) We're a trusted and effective book promotion site. 180+ NY Times Bestselling Authors, 140+ USA Today Bestselling Authors, National Book Award Winners, RITA Winners, Golden Heart Winners, Shamus Winners, and 7,000+ authors have promoted with us. 65% of them are repeat customers.

16) We reach readers no one else reaches. We have 150+ blogs, websites, search sites, list sites, and other channels that reach readers no one else reaches. With your paid book promotion you reach a huge set of readers that are not available anywhere else

17) #1 in Android Book Apps - Books Butterfly has the biggest Android Book Promotion Apps with 1.35 Million+ App Downloads. Reach 1.35 Million+ Android readers right on their Android Tablets and Phones. Please Note: Books over $1 only go to approximately 40% of our Apps

18) #1 in Apple Book Apps - Books Butterfly has the biggest Apple Book Promotion Apps with 822,500+ App Downloads. Reach 822,500+ Apple readers right on their iPhones and iPads. Please Note: Books over $1 only go to approximately 40% of our Apps

19) Top 5 in Email Lists - Books Butterfly is a Top 5 Email Book Promotion Company with 310,890+ Email Subscribers

20) #1 in Windows Apps - Books Butterfly has the biggest Windows Book Promotion Apps with 549,768+ App Downloads. Please Note: Books over $1 only go to approximately 40% of our Apps

21) 120+ Daily Active Countries. Your book will reach readers in 120+ countries every single day

22) We look to ACCEPT Authors, not Reject them.

23) We are ENABLERS, not New Gatekeepers.

24) We are completely independent and can focus on what's best for the future of books, for readers, for authors, and for ourselves.

25) We are not an advertorial list. Smart readers figure out sooner or later that advertorial lists are sending them just a list of ads. Then they leave and join sites like ours.

26) Finally, this might be a negative or a positive, depending on your perspective. We don't feature just one book per genre per day. We feature 5 to 20 books every day in each genre. The downside is that readers have choices and aren't forced to download your book due to the lack of options. The upside is that you know the reader CHOSE your book out of a competitive set of books and is more likely to buy your other books and become a reader for life.

You aren't just getting 'this reader chose my romance novel because it was the only romance novel that day'. You're getting readers that CHOSE YOU!

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