Top 5 Advantages of Having Your Own Website and App

  1. Your Own Website means you can build a stronger relationship with your readers. You can update your readers on your new book releases, book discounts, and what is going on with you. Most importantly you have complete control of your website
  2. Your Own App means you can be on your readers’ phones and tablets, and reach them easily. It further strengthens the author-reader relationship. Everything is shifting to mobile now and Apps are a great way to tap into the shift to mobile
  3. An Apple App will help you tap into Apple readers and, if you sell through Apple iBooks, into the iBooks store. That will reduce your dependency on your existing income streams and give you an additional income stream
  4. An Android App will help you tap into Android readers and, if you sell through Google Play Books, into the Google Play Store. This will give you an additional income stream
  5. Websites and Apps have relatively low competition. The majority of authors don’t have a website or an app. It gives you a competitive advantage

Top Reasons we, Books Butterfly, are the right People to Build Your Website and Apps

  1. Expertise in Building Reader Platforms – We have grown our reader base to 8 Million Readers in 4.5 years. We can help you to achieve rapid growth of your reader base as we know exactly what kind of Apps and Websites to build to gather readers
  2. Platforms that Work – We have sold over $1.5 million of book promotion packages to Authors, based on the Apps and Websites and Email Lists we built
  3. Trust – 65% of our Author Clients become repeat customers. In 2018 we had just 10 disputes out of 3,417 book promotion packages sold (that’s less than 1 dispute for every 300 book promotion packages sold)
  4. Expertise in Apps – We have sold over 1 million paid apps and made over $1.35 million from selling Paid Apps. Apps and Websites we make for you will be of the same quality
  5. Excellence – We know how to make really good apps. We have reached #1 in each of these stores - #1 in Kindle Store with Notepad App (out of 700,000 books and apps); #1 in Nook App Store with Solitaire App (4 times); Top 20 Paid App in Kindle Fire App Store (out of 100,000+ Apps); Top 30 Paid App in Windows App Store (out of 500,000+ Apps)
  6. Competitive Prices – Because of our experience and expertise we can build you a high-quality Apple App for $5,000. Most App Development companies would charge you $10,000 to $200,000 to make a similar app
  7. Speed – Due to our extensive experience with building Apps for Apple and Android and Windows, we can build your app on time while still maintaining a very high quality bar

The combination of our demonstrated expertise in building apps (over 1 million paid apps sold) with our in-depth domain experience (over $1.5 million of book promotion packages sold to authors) means we can build you an App that really helps you as an Author to grow your reader base and be successful

5 Reasons You can Trust Books Butterfly

  1. We have worked with over 7,000 Authors and 65% become repeat customers
  2. We have sold over $1.5 million of book promotion packages
  3. We have a dispute rate lower than 0.5%. In April 2017 to Feb 2019, we have only 18 disputes from 7,103 book promotion packages sold
  4. Screenshot showing our Low Dispute Rate in Jan 2018 to Feb 2019 (12 disputes in 3,920 book promotion packages sold)
  5. Screenshot showing our Low Dispute Rate in April 2017 to Dec 2017 (6 disputes from 3,183 book promotion packages sold)

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