Top 5 Reasons Having Your Own Email List &  Your Own Twitter Account is Critical

  1. Your Own Email List ensures you can reach your readers straight in their Email Inbox. Readers check their email every single day – what better place to reach them
  2. Your Own Twitter Account lets you leverage the power of Social Media. Not only can you reach your readers and make them your ‘followers’, you can also get them to share with people who ‘follow’ them on Twitter
  3. You increase your chances of success
  4. With your Email List and Twitter Account, you can reach your readers any time, cheaply and easily
  5. An Email List and a Twitter Account help build a stronger relationship with your readers. Keep them updated on what you’re working on, on your new book releases, and on your book offers and discounts

Top 7 Reasons we, Books Butterfly, are the right People to Help Grow Your Twitter Account and Your Email List

  1. Leverage our Expertise in Growing Twitter Accounts – We have grown from 10,000 Twitter Followers in Dec 2013 to 4 Million Twitter Followers in Dec 2018
  2. Leverage our Expertise in Growing Email Lists – We have grown our email lists from 30,000 email subscribers in July 2013 to 318,000 email subscribers in Dec 2018
  3. Save Time and Money – To get the same number of real readers as we will get you, either you would have to pay enormous amounts, or you would have to devote very high amounts of time
  4. Only Real Readers – For both email lists and Twitter we focus only on real people who are also readers. We will build you Twitter Accounts and Email Lists that are full of real readers
  5. Speed – We will leverage all the growth tactics we used to grow our reader base fast, to grow your reader base fast
  6. Reader Platforms that Work – We have sold over $1.5 million of book promotion packages to Authors, based on the Reader Platforms (Twitter Accounts, Email Lists, Apps, Websites) that we built
  7. Trust - 65% of our Author Clients become repeat customers. In 2018 we had just 10 disputes out of 3,417 book promotion packages sold (that’s less than 1 dispute for every 300 book promotion packages sold)

Let us help you grow your email list and Twitter account by leveraging the same proven and tested strategies that helped us grow

5 Reasons You can Trust Books Butterfly

  1. We have worked with over 7,000 Authors and 65% become repeat customers
  2. We have sold over $1.5 million of book promotion packages
  3. We have a dispute rate lower than 0.5%. In April 2017 to Feb 2019, we have only 18 disputes from 7,103 book promotion packages sold
  4. Screenshot showing our Low Dispute Rate in Jan 2018 to Feb 2019 (12 disputes in 3,920 book promotion packages sold)
  5. Screenshot showing our Low Dispute Rate in April 2017 to Dec 2017 (6 disputes from 3,183 book promotion packages sold)

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