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We have 4 Million+ Readers. We have

1.35 Million Readers on Android Apps
822,500+ Readers on Apple Apps
549,768 Readers on Windows Apps including 1 Million Kindle Store Readers
88,428+ Email Subscribers for our Apple Email List
26,218+ Email Subscribers for our Nook Email List
13,742 Email Subscribers for our Kobo Email List

We don't just get you solid results in Kindle Store. Authors report good results from Apple and Nook stores too.

Why Promote Your Free in All Stores Book with Books Butterfly?

A Free Book Promotion with Books Butterfly is a great way to reach 4 Million+ Readers and 614,000 Daily Readers and get thousands of free book downloads. That's thousands of readers who will get a taste of your writing. If they like your writing they will go on to buy your other books.

Remember - It's all a numbers game. To be a successful author you have to reach millions of readers and you have to get thousands of them to try your book. The path of least resistance for this is a free book promotion. As a new author you are asking readers to risk both their time and their money. With a free book promotion you take away the money part and make it far more likely readers will give you a chance.

A Free Book Promotion is also a great way to bring in some reviews. Please Note: Our readers tend to only review a book if they like the writing. If they like your book, you are quite likely to get a few reviews. If they don't like it, you will almost certainly not get reviews.

8 Main Benefits of Promoting Your Free Book with Books Butterfly

1) You will Reach 4 Million+ Readers and 614,000 Daily Active Readers who will discover your book and discover you. A Free Book is the Best way to reach lots of readers and give them a taste of your writing. They will also share your book with their friends, family, and via email, Twitter, and online forums and groups. This will lead to even more readers seeing your book

2) You will Reach approximately 50,000 Kindle Unlimited Subscribers who will see your free book and find out about you. If they like your writing, Kindle Unlimited Subscribers usually check for other books from you and borrow those books.

3) You will only pay for actual results. We have a prorated refund in store credit. Refund is only required in 10% of free book promotions for books that are free in all stores. That means that 90% of authors get good to great results.

4) We don't force feed books. Many sites have just 1 free book per day per genre. Readers download books out of a lack of choice, not out of interest. We have multiple choices per genre per day. That means readers download your book because they are interested in it. You get downloads from readers who are genuinely interested in your book. These readers are more likely to buy your other books.

5) Free Book Downloads you get from our readers will increase your sales rank in the free lists. This will lead to other readers seeing you in the free lists and finding out about you and your books.

6) Some of the readers who download your book, during your promotion with us, will become lifetime readers and buy and/or borrow your remaining books.

7) Readers who really like your books will sometimes leave a review. Whether or not reviews are left, as well as the number, varies per author and per book. We do not currently track this. We have seen several cases where our readers left reviews for books we had promoted soon after the promotion or even during it.

8) You will reach Kindle readers in USA (70%+ of our Kindle readers are in USA), UK, Canada, Australia, India and 110+ other countries.

What You Pay For, and What You Don't Pay For

You Pay for:

1) Actual Results. For Free Book Slots you pay only for free book downloads. 90% of authors with Books that are Free in All Stores get the targeted number of downloads, or higher.

We guarantee results. We are one of only two book promotion companies which guarantee results. We offer a prorated refund in store credit. You pay only for actual results.

While you get many, many benefits (listed below) - you pay only for actual results.

You Do Not Pay For the Following Benefits:

1) Visibility and Reach from getting your book in front of our 4 Million+ Readers and our 614,000+ Daily Active Readers.

2) We reach almost every channel you will find your future readers on. Readers use our Android Apps, our Apple Apps, our Twitter accounts, our Windows Apps, our Nook Apps, our websites, our blogs, our search engines, our email lists, and our genre email lists.

3) The Tail of Increased Free Book Downloads after the promotion is over. Downloads will usually be higher, than your pre-promotion baseline, for 3 to 10 days after your book promotion with us ends. All the downloads you get in this 'tail' period are a bonus.

4) Many KU readers and many non-KU readers will download your books during our promotion and read them over the next few weeks and months. This leads to a steady trickle of follow-on sales and KU Pages read earnings. Authors have told us that our follow-on sales are in line with what good book promotion sites generate.

5) In some cases your book will become a Genre Bestseller.

Promote Your Book to 4 Million+ Readers

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