Why Promote Your Box Set with Books Butterfly?

We are very strong in Box Set Promotions. 95% of authors who promote their box sets with us get the guaranteed results, or higher.

Box Sets allow you to rise above the fray and get great visibility and great sales. As new authors, the biggest challenges are - making readers aware you exist; getting readers to take a chance on you and your books.

Box Sets solve both problems.

Firstly, Box Sets are an irresistible value proposition, and our readers respond very well to them.
Secondly, Box Sets do very well in the store bestseller lists, giving you great visibility and helping you reach even more readers.

7 Main Benefits of Promoting Your Box Set with Books Butterfly

1) Our 4 Million+ Readers and 614,000+ Daily Active Readers respond very well to Box Sets. You reach a massive number of readers and some of them buy your Box Set.

2) You will Reach approximately 50,000 Kindle Unlimited Subscribers. Not only do these KU users respond well to Box Sets, the pages read really add up.

3) You only pay for actual results.

4) You will get KU Borrows of your Box Sets. Many authors are getting as many KU Borrows as Paid Sales. Some authors are getting 2 to 3 times as many KU Borrows as paid sales. Please Note: KU Borrows and Pages Read will happen over weeks, not in the first few days

5) Box Set Sales you get from our readers will increase your sales rank. This will lead to other readers seeing you in the store lists and finding out about you and your books. Because Box Sets sell very well with our readers, and because we also see lots of Box Set borrows, the rank increase is often very significant.

6) Some of the readers who buy your box set, during your promotion with us, will become lifetime readers and buy your remaining books.

7) We accept multi-author box sets. That means you can band together with your friends and/or colleagues and create a very tempting value proposition for readers. In return, you get to introduce readers to a whole bunch of authors.

What You Pay For, and What You Don't Pay For

You Pay for:

1) Actual Results. You only pay for actual box set sales. 95% of Box Set Authors get the guaranteed sales, or higher.

We guarantee results. We are one of only 2 book promotion and marketing companies which guarantee results. We offer a prorated refund in store credit. You pay only for actual results.

While you get many, many benefits (listed below) - you pay only for actual results.

You Do Not Pay For the Following Benefits:

1) Reaching 4 Million+ Readers and 614,000+ Daily Active Readers

2) Reaching readers in many, many places - different ebook stores (Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo), different countries (120+ countries), different channels (email lists, Twitter, blogs, websites, search engines)

3) Reaching Readers on Android Apps and Apple Apps and Windows Apps

4) The Tail of Increased Sales after your Box Set promotion with us is over. Box Set sales will usually be higher, than your pre-promotion baseline, for 3 to 10 days after your Box Set Promotion with us ends. All the sales or downloads you get in this 'tail' period are a bonus.

5) Many KU readers will borrow your box set during your box set promotion with us. They will then read your box set over the next few weeks and months. This leads to a steady trickle of follow-on sales and KU Pages read earnings. With box sets the impact of pages read earnings is often very significant.

Promote Your Book to 4 Million+ Readers

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